Studio One - Maples Live Episode 1

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Video Description

This is the first episode of "Maples Live" presented by Studio One. In this episode, hosts Logan and Pahul present some of the exciting events that took place at Maples Collegiate during the first few months of the 2018-2019 school year.

Topics in  this episode

Grand Opening of SOPAC
The Diwali Celebration
The first "Open Mic" presentation

Production Credits


Karman ,  Khushi


Caitlyn ,  Carylle ,  Rhyanne


Parteek ,  Shubhkarman




Mansha ,  Sukhamreet


Logan ,  Pahul

Production Crew

Darrel ,  Mathew ,  Rhaelyn ,  Sabrina ,  Thea

Story and Script

Karman ,  Khushi

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