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Channel 7 Oaks Television (7Oaks TV) is an innovative and exciting program created by the Seven Oaks School Division in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Channel 7 Oaks was developed and is currently located within Maples Collegiate. The program began in a single classroom and has since expanded to include two film studios, a broadcast control room, and the use of an iMac computer lab. During the fall of 2011, the Channel 7 Oaks Website was released after nearly a year of development and has since brought video content to thousands of viewers around the World.

A variety of programming has been developed by the members of the Channel 7 Oaks program. Working in conjunction with the students of the Film and Broadcasting program, the Channel 7 Oaks Crew has released nearly 150 video projects in the first two years of operation. These projects include live broadcast recordings, studio shows, and short films. All of which are developed using the latest broadcast technology.

During the spring of 2013, development of a new and improved Channel 7 Oaks Website began. The redesign was implemented to prepare the system for future growth and the move towards high definition video support and high definition video streaming as well as increased support for mobile devices. A majority of the new Website features were rolled out during the fall of 2013. In order to stay current, we expect to be updating the Channel 7 Oaks Website and application on an ongoing basis. The current version is "mobile friendly" and was rolled out during the fall of 2016 with updates occuring in 2017 and 2018.

The Amazing Broadcasters Trailer highlights some of the exciting work we do at Channel 7 Oaks.




7 Oaks TV

7 Oaks TV is a Broadcast Media program that is currently focusing on four core areas of curriculum. The four main areas of study include

  • Multi-Camera Live Event Broadcasting
  • Studio Production
  • Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and Field Reporting
  • Documentary and Short Film Development
Students within program are also exposed to film visual effects (VFX), audio recording and effects (AFX), story and script development, advanced editing, as well as exposure to pre and post production processes and planning. Students are also arranged into production groups that support one or more of the three main crews known as The Channel 7 Oaks Crew, The Maples FAB Crew, and The C7O Sports Crew.

Channel 7 Oaks Highlights

2021 - Channel 7 Oaks was highlighted in the Times. - Canstar Times

2018 - Channel 7 Oaks was featured on CTV Morning Live in the Centre Stage Segment. - CTV News Winnipeg

2018 - Channel 7 Oaks was highlighted in the annual report to the community by the 7 Oaks School Division.

2013 - Highlighted in Teacher Magazine - January/February - Manitoba Teachers' Society

2012 - Winner - Premier Award for School Board Innovation

2012 - "Channel 7 Oaks Catching On" - Canstar

The Channel 7 Oaks Crew

There are several members of the Channel 7 Oaks Crews and each one of them has many responsibilities. Crew members act as directors, producers, talent, camera operators, graphics operators and script writers just to name a few of their roles. Every position is crucial to our success and every member contributes in their own way. The Channel 7 Oaks Crews have grown over the years to include both current members and alumni. Here are a few photos of C7O members in action.

2011 - 2012

2014 - 2015

2017 - 2018

2018 - 2019

2019 - 2020

2021 - 2022


Channel 7 Oaks
Room 122 - Studio One
Maples Collegiate
1330 Jefferson Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R2P 1L3

Email:  info@channel7oaks.org

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