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The 2021 Winter Choir Concert

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Channel 7 Oaks Celebrates 10 Years
Dec 3, 2021

This year we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary. Check out this neat article about us in The Canstar Times. 

Channel Seven Oaks Celebrates 10 Years

C7O Sports Live Broadcasts
Oct 13, 2021

  Channel returns this fall with some live sports broadcasting from Maples Collegiate. We will be working hard to stream the Maples Collegiate Volleyball teams so that friends and family can enjoy the action. Stay tuned for more information.

Season Planning
Sep 19, 2021

 We are in the process of planning our upcoming season. We will post details in the near future. Stay tuned.  

New Short Films
May 17, 2020

During the month of May 2020, we have seen the release of some amazing student films. Even though we are currently experiencing a shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the students of The Maples Film and Broadcasting and Channel 7 Oaks programs have still been hard at work.

New Short Films:

Doorbell  by Nish Joshi
Counsel. by Carl Mateo
Quarantine w/ Jag by Jagtar Saka
Equinox by Jaye Cali and Sage Bowers.

Check them out! They are fantastic examples of student filmmaking and they are only available here on Channel 7 Oaks.

Celebration of the Arts
May 11, 2020

We are currently planning A Celebration of the Arts in honour of students of the Seven Oaks School Division. The event is currently planned for the month of June 2020. Stay tuned for updates and show time information.

Featured Videos

The 2021 Diwali Mela - Multi-Cam Broadcast Version

 Welcome to The 2021 Diwali Mela. Live from The Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre.

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4 Degrees - Live at SOPAC

This performance of "4 Degrees" was performed at The Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre on January 15, 2020. Me...  » More Info

The 2021 Winter Choir Concert

The 2021 Winter Choir Concert was recorded on November 16, 2021. The event took place in the Maples Col...  » More Info

Maples Collegiate Wind Ensemble - Musical Tribute

On May 27, 2020 at 7:00pm, The Maples Collegiate Wind Ensemble and Maples Alumni students performed a musical tribute fo...  » More Info