The 2015 Spring Dance Recital

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Video Description

The 2015 Spring Dance Recital was recorded live at Maples Collegiate on June 1, 2015. We experieced a minor technical dificulty with the video feed from one of our cameras. We were un able to access and correct the problem during showtime and didn't want to risk losing the broadcast. Please forgive the colour variace in the main camera angle.

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"This video was cool!"
Anonymous - 2526 days ago
"The performers did an awesome job!"
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"I would like to see more videos."
Anonymous - 3030 days ago
"I want to see more videos like this one!"
Anonymous - 3030 days ago
"This video deserves an award!"
Anonymous - 3030 days ago
"This video was cool!"
Anonymous - 3057 days ago

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