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The 2017 Winter Band Concert
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The 2017 Winter Jazz Band Concert
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C7O Sports Returns!
Nov 4, 2015

C7O Sports will be putting a show together on Saturday the 7th of November. This production will cover the final two matches of the junior varsity volleyball tournament. The event will be broadcast live from Maples Collegiate. Be sure to check our Twitter for updates. We will use the #c7osports tag.

The 2015 Diwali
Nov 3, 2015

The 5th annual Maples Diwali celebration took place on October 29, 2015 and it was a huge success. We captured the action and have released the 2 part video of the event. Be sure to check it out and to comment and rate the video of the performance.

The 2015 Finale Concert
May 20, 2015

The 2015 Spring Band and Choir Concert will take place on Thursday May 21, 2015 at Maples Collegiate. We plan to broadcast this event.

Arts In The Park 2015
May 9, 2015

We are currently preparing for Arts In The Park 2015. We will be on location at Kildonan Park on May 27th through May 29th. Be sure to look for us and stay tuned for our event schedule.

The 2015 North-South Showdown Basketball Tournament
Feb 16, 2015

The Channel 7 Oaks and Maples FAB broadcasting crews are working hard to prepare for The 2015 North-South Showdown Basketball Tournament. The tournament takes place between the 18th and 21st of February. Check the C7O Sports page for details. Official tournament hash tag is #c7osports. Be sure to follow us on twitter @channel7oaks.

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