The 2015 Winter Band Concert

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The 2015 Winter Band Concert tool place at Maples Collegiate on December 1, 2015. Channel 7 Oaks was there to capture the action. The performance included the following.

Grade 12 Band:
A Little Concert Suite
- Intrada

Grade 9 Band:
Salvation is Created
Meeting at Tyron Palace
Los Banditos

7 Oaks School Division Community Band:
Brave Spirit
Distant Horizons

Grade 10 Band:
Syncopated Senorita
As Tears Fall on Dawns New Light
Barn Dance

Grade 11 Band:
First Suite in Eb
- Chaconne
Air for Band
Donkey Riding

Grade 12 Band:
At Morning's First Light
Danse Bohemien

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