Bob'z Your Aunt - A FAB Short Film

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Video Description

Bob'z Your Aunt is the official sequel to a film that was never released. Two sisters encounter mysterious forces that claim to be a series of lost relatives. This short film was produced in the spring of 2017 as a project in the Maples FAB course. A final edit was revisited in the fall of 2017 in preparation for release. Please enjoy this short film from Le Pup Films and look for future releases here on C7O.

This film was directed by Keziah

Film Cast

Cadie as Aunt Bobby
Kristine as Kristine
Ariyah as Ariyah
Ariyah as Possessed Uncle Bob
Klayd as Real Uncle Bob
Matteo as The Cousin
Jan as Bob

Production Credits










Ariyah ,  Cadie ,  Jan ,  Kristine

Viewer Comments

"This video was hilarious!"
Anonymous - 250 days ago
"This video deserves an award!"
Anonymous - 287 days ago
"This video deserves an award!"
Anonymous - 350 days ago
"This video was cool!"
Anonymous - 350 days ago
"I would like to see more videos."
Anonymous - 350 days ago
"I give this video an "A""
Anonymous - 350 days ago

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