Don't Fall In - A FAB Short Film

Category:  The Arts Type:  Short Film Added: October 28, 2018 School:  Maples Collegiate Rating Votes:  15 Star Rating: 

Video Description

"Don't Fall In" is the final installment in a series of short films written and directed by Keziah.

A group of friends search for an answer to the mystery of a missing student. All is well until they encounter trouble deep below in the dark corners of their school.

Production Credits




Story and Script

Kristine , Kyle C. , Mark , Nish , Roland

Viewer Comments

"I give this video an "A""
Anonymous - 991 days ago
"I give this video an "A""
Anonymous - 1046 days ago
"The performers did an awesome job!"
Anonymous - 1327 days ago
"The performers did an awesome job!"
Anonymous - 1425 days ago
"Excellent Job! Keep up the good work."
Anonymous - 1427 days ago
"This video deserves an award!"
Anonymous - 1428 days ago

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