The 2017 Spring Dance Recital

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The 2017 Spring Dance Recital was recorded live at Maples Collegiate on May 25, 2017. The recital included performances by MC/DC, Maples on Beat, and students from the Grade 9 - 12 dance program.

"MC / DC"
Maples Collegiate Dance Crew
Choreographers: Ms. Tabanera and Ms. Zaretski

"Sharing Dance"
Performed by members of MOB

"Pirates of the Caribbean"
Grade 9
Choreographer: Ms. Cooper

Grade 10
Choreographer: Ms. Zaretski

"Jackson REMIX"

Grade 11 & 12
Choreographer: Ms. Cooper

Student Choreography Medley

Contemporary Dancers Solo Performances

"Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
Grade 10
Choreographer: Ms. Cooper

Maples on Beat - MOB
Choreographer: Ms. Cooper

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Ariel John ,  Harjot ,  Ramir




Ajaypal ,  Rahiek

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