The 2017 Maples Diwali - Part 1

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Video Description

The 2017 Maples Diwali Mela was recorded live at Maples Collegiate in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The following performances were included in the first half of the evening celebration.

Students Fashion Show
Maples Staff Fashion Show
James Nisbet Bhangra
Shokeen Mutteyarian
AEW Bhangra
Punjabi Virsa by OVJ
Shokeen Gabru
Amber Trails Punjabi Folk Dance
Maples Gidha
Maples Bollywood
James Nisbet Mutteyarian

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Visual Effects

Ariel John


Anurag ,  Ayush ,  Jaye-Z ,  Jessica ,  Tatiana


Ajaypal ,  Ariel

Production Crew




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"Awesome Job!"
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"Awesome Job!"
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