The 2017 Winter Band Concert

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The 2017 Winter Band Concert was broadcast live from the Maples Collegiate Commons on November 29, 2017. The following bands and the performances were recorded during the event.

Grade 9 Band

Down by the Salley Gardens        
Trumpet: Aidan McQueen & Jagtar Saka    

Grade 10 Band

Risk Everything for a Dream         
Flute: Jamie Verana
Alto Sax: Jessica Padre and Sahil Negi
Trumpet: Avouri Kirton and Apollo Miao

Grade 11 Band
Moorside March                 

I Am                         
Clarinet: Kayla Pilgrim
Tenor Sax: Kenneth Guevarra
Bari Sax: Justin Esteban
Flute: Melissa Sosulski
Clarinet: Yuki Asahi and Saira Sabio

Grade 12 Band

Three Ayres from Gloucester        

Jolly Earl of Cholmondeley
Clarinet: Alecs Ong
Trumpet: Joyce Quirimit

Ayre for Eventide
Flute: Lorraine Villa


Wind Ensemble

Salvation is Created             
French horn: John Carlo Urbano

Alto Saxophone: Dominic Luyun 

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Christopher ,  Lexine


Ariel John ,  Kristine


Anurag ,  Ayush ,  Jaspreet ,  Jayzee ,  Jessica ,  Ramir ,  Shianne




Jaspreet ,  Pahul ,  Rajal

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