The 2018 Autumn Choir Concert

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The 2018 Autumn Choir Concert took place at The Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre on Thursday, November 8, 2018. The following performances took place during the concert.

Grade 10 Choir

- Traditional Zulu  edited by Doreen Rao

Matona, Mia Cara
- Italian Madrigal

The Love of the Sea

Duet: Adrieal and Tristan Cabantog

Grade 9 Choir

Swing Dow Low

I Choose Love

People Get Ready
- Curtis Mayfield

Solo: Faith Arintok

Chamber Choir

Stomp on the Fire

In Remembrance

Eras Tu
- Solo: Faith Arintok

Solo: Isabella Pepito

Senior Choir

Loch Lomond
- Solo: Jason Barcolta

The Cloths of Heaven


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Carl ,  Mathew ,  Nish ,  Pahul ,  Thea





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"Excellent Job! Keep up the good work."
Anonymous - 224 days ago
"The performers did an awesome job!"
Anonymous - 226 days ago

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