The 2018 Winter Band Concert

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The 2018 Winter Band Concert took place on Wednesday, November 28, 2018. The show was recorded at The Seven Oaks Performing Arts Centre.

Wind Ensemble

Cardinal Elements
- Kenley Kristofferson
Tenor Sax: Kenneth Guevarra

Grade 9 Band

Salvation is Created - Chesnokov/arr.Brown

Don’t Feed the Drummers - Carl Strommen
Flute Ensemble

Londonderry Air - arr. by Rocky Lombardo
Ruby Gosal, Arielle Rosario, Emanuel Chua,
Jamie Verana, Chloé Plamondon, Melissa Sosulski

Grade 10 Band
Larghetto - Beethoven/arr.Bellis
Turkish March - Beethoven/arr.Curnow
Trumpet Trio

St. Louis Blues       
Avouri Kirton, Shaundale Santos, Brian Zimmerman

Symphonic Band
As Summer Was Just Beginning - Larry Daehn

Arabian Dances - Brian Balmages
Flute: Carylle Lozano
Clarinet Trio
Sonata in F – Allegro - Mozart
Kayla Pilgrim, Saira Sabio, Jaclyn Loganberg
Wind Ensemble

Prairie Songs - Pierre LaPlante    

Iberian Escapades - Robert Sheldon 
Alto Saxophone: Dominic Luyun, Trumpet: Avouri Kirton

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Roland ,  Sabrina

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