The 2018 Winter Jazz Band Concert

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The 2018 Maples Winter Jazz Band Concert was recorded live on December 6, 2018 in The Maples Commons. The following bands performed during the live event.

Plam Jam

Minnie The Moocher
Soloist: Francine Batario - vocals

Five Note Blues     
Carlo Bayaua - sax, Karmaveer Dhillon - trombone, Elizabeth Gagarin - trumpet, Francine Batario - sax, Marco Gerra - trombone, Misabella Asugui - flute, Kaycie Yumul - guitar, Giann Saulog - drums, Danah Tactay - sax

The 1330s

Satin Doll
Brian Guevarra – trumpet, Herlinda Dalayoan – trombone, Ericka Nabong – tenor sax,  Brian/Herlinda/Ericka - scat

Salamanca Samba   
Ryan Spence – bari sax, Jesse Valiquette – trumpet, Katrina Reyes – trombone, Aidan McQueen – trumpet, Helena Chen – tenor sax

Hooked on a Feeling   


Things Ain’t What They Used to Be  
Dominic Luyun – sax,  Dex Feliciano – trombone, Julian Puentespina - piano


Amazing Grace   
Aaron Detablan– trumpet,  Lorenzo Geronimo– tenor sax

Let it Snow            

Abby Suarez – tenor sax, Jesse Postello – trombone, Nick Prost – trumpet, Carl San Juan – trombone                                                                     

Loganberry Jam

Hay Burner           
Soloists: Shaundale Santos – trumpet,  Jamie Verana - flute

Recorda Me           
Solo: Shaundale Santos – trumpet, Carl Calaje – tenor sax, Dominic Luyun – alto sax, Dex Feliciano - trombone

In the Wee Small Hours of Morning   
Soloists: Carl Calaje – tenor sax,  Julian Puentespina - piano

Production Credits


Jagtar , Nish

Jaspreet , Karman , Khushi , Pahul , Sahilpreet , Tatiana


Mathew , Thea

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