The 2019 Diwali Mela - Part 2

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Video Description

The 2019 Diwali Mela took place at Maples Collegiate on Tuesday, October 29, 2019. The follwoing performances were recorded during the event.

Master of Ceremonies:
Jasmine Dhalla, Anandee Jagdeo, Harleen Kaur, Reetika Sharda, Nandika Singla

Part 1:

Vocal-Harmonium Tabla group
Fashion Show
OVJ Girls Gidha Group
Amber Trail Bhangra
Gidha Pariyan da
Leila North Bhangra Boys
A.E. Wright Folkroots
Riverbend Bhangra
Nisbet Diwali Dancers
Maples Dabka Group

Part 2:

OVJ Bhangra Group
Shokeen Pariyan
Leila North Bhangra Girls
Maples Mutiyaran
AEW Girls Bhangra
Amber Trail Dian Mutiaran
Maples Bhangra Boys
Maples Bhangra Girls

Production Credits


Jagtar ,  Pahul




Jagtar ,  Kulnoor ,  Rajveer


Anela ,  Herika ,  Mamia ,  Mansha ,  Precious ,  Reena ,  Rhyanne




Alex ,  Mansha ,  Sofia

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