The Christian G. Show - Episode 1 - "The MOB Documentary"

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Christian talks with the Director of "The MOB Documentary”. The Director Camille and her production crew filmed a behind the scenes look into what it takes to participate within the “Maples on Beat” Dance Group. Camille's documentary includes a hands on dance lesson from one of the dancers in "MOB" as well as interviews with dancers and footage of what it takes to learn the routine. An informative interview and a must see companion to “The MOB Documentary”. Stay tuned for more interviews with Christian here on Channel 7 Oaks.

Click to watch the "MOB Dance Video"

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"This video was a lot of fun!"
Anonymous - 1656 days ago
"This video was amazing!"
Anonymous - 2425 days ago
"I give this video an "A""
Anonymous - 2624 days ago
"I want too see more videos like this one!"
Anonymous - 2657 days ago
"The performers did an awesome job!"
Anonymous - 2684 days ago
"I give this video a "B""
Anonymous - 2714 days ago

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