The 2011 Diwali Mela - Part 3

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On the 16th of November 2011 Maples Collegiate celebrated its first Diwali. Diwali, the festival of lights, is the most popular of all the festivals from South Asia. Channel 7 Oaks was there to broadcast the event to the World. Here are some of the performances we recorded that evening. Be sure to check back regularly as Channel 7 Oaks will be adding more recorded footage from the Maples Diwali Celebration.

The Maples Diwali Celebration Series - Part 3:

Maples Bhangra girls (Beginners)
These young women, though not from India, have just learned Punjabi Folk dance recently. This is the first time they have performed Punjabi folk dance in public.

Punjabi Shaan
Students start this number with a Malki and Kimma act. In Punjab, Malki and Kimma are a beloved couple. Kimma comes to Malki’s village and asks for water from the well. Malki is filling her pot and makes some comments to him. After this scene, they start Bhangra.

Be sure to check out the other parts of the "Diwali Celebration Series".

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